Corporate Social Responsibility

MG Hotels recognises the importance of reducing its impact on the environment and has implemented initiatives in support of environmental improvement and sustainable development through collaboration with the Pure Carbon Zero company.

MG Hotels has, and continues to develop, a simple set of operational standards in the form of a sustainability commitment, which takes care to minimise impact whilst ensuring the guest experience is not compromised. With the help of Pure Carbon Zero it is our group intention to adopt a more coordinated approach to ensuring a sustainable future, creating a healthy environment, fair society and a sustainable economy.
The commitment has been developed in line with all company compliance tools so as to ensure it is recognised and easy to implement.

The key standards includes:

  • Waste minimisation policy - through recycling initiatives
  • Transport/travel policy - maximise use of public transport, promote car sharing
  • Energy conservation - through replacement to low energy equipment i.e. LED bulbs, controlled thermostat heating by each individual guest.
  • Energy economy measures for all departments of the hotel
  • Pollution prevention measures and emergency procedures to reduce the risk of incidents and their impact, which could damage the hotel environment.
  • Sustainable purchasing from our suppliers who also are committed to providing a sustainable policy and have measures and targets in place to offset their carbon footprint.
  • Offsetting our CO2 emissions through investing in projects to offset our carbon i.e. planting of trees in our local communities, solar heating systems projects in developing countries.
  • Committed to reducing 13% carbon reduction in 2013 compared to 2012 levels through carbon reduction measure and a future 7% through Pure Carbon Zero projects.
  • We are committed to reducing our carbon emission by 60% over the next 5 years.

Our commitment to policy is vital and we take our responsibility seriously. With the support and collaboration from Pure Carbon Zero we will regularly review and change our policy to the dynamics of the company and the environment.

If you require any further information please contact our marketing department on 01753 543442 or Pure Carbon Zero on

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